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     Dear Bankruptcy Attorney,

     Do you know Reed Allmand?  He is a bankruptcy lawyer in Dallas, Texas with a thriving practice.

     Recently he hired me to develop a “paint by numbers” marketing system that would make clients run – not walk – RUN to his office.

     You know what?  It worked.  Reed might say, it worked a little too well.

     He sent me an email on November 2, 2007:

     “Nader:  You are killing me with all the new business!  We are busting at the seams and all my employees are freaking out.  We filed 100 (bankruptcies) for October and we have already filed 30 so far in November.”

     This is for real.

     Want to know how he’s doing it?

     Join me for the FREE teleseminar on Tuesday, Nov. 13.  I’ll be there… Reed will be there… and he and I will give you the step by step instructions.

     Only the first 500 who register will gain access to the call.  Not a one more.

     The amazing thing?  I actually figured out a way to “clone” this system.  (I’ll tell you more about this during the teleseminar.)

     This is incredible news if you want to see your bankruptcy practice…



Introduction of Nader
at a California Bar Seminar
(By Jeff Lerman, Esq. President of the Marin County Bar Association)

"Despite being the highest paid legal marketing expert, Nader Anise doesn't just ‘coast’ on his international reputation.  He is a top professional all the way around.  I have mixed feelings presenting Nader to you.  One the one hand, he's my secret weapon and I don't want to share him with any other lawyers.  On the other hand, I am committed to bringing you the finest in legal education and Nader is precisely that.
This time, the other hand wins.

I am an avid student of legal marketing.  I've read many books and been to many marketing seminars.  However, just when I thought I had read and heard it all, I discovered Nader.  I can personally tell you that Nader's techniques work.  I have found them to be unique, innovative, inexpensive, simple to implement and highly results-oriented.

Nader Anise is one of the nation's leading authorities on law firm marketing.  His strategies have been showcased on many national media outlets such as NBC Television, PBS, Access Hollywood and Lawyers Weekly USA.  Over the years, Nader has taught thousands of lawyers how to build their practice and increase profits.  He has given seminars to members of the ABA, IBA, Florida Bar, California Bar, Texas Bar, Illinois Bar and many other bar associations.  In addition, Nader is an accomplished attorney, author, marketing professor and top legal marketing coach.

What a privilege it is to introduce Nader to you."


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    If you’re busy, cancel your plans.  You need to be on this call.

Title: Explosive Marketing for BK Lawyers
Hosted by : Nader Anise, Esq. (with Reed Allmand, Esq.)
Date: Tuesday, Nov 13, 2007
Time: 1:00 pm Eastern
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes

     Time permitting, there should also be an opportunity for a Q & A.

     Please register below.  After you register, you will receive an email confirmation with the access telephone number and code.  Print this out and mark it in your calendar.

Register NOW for the FREE BK Marketing Teleseminar
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Keep me informed of other Nader Anise Teleseminars

     See you on the call!

     The Lawyer’s Secret Weapon,
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     Nader Anise
     Attorney * Marketing Strategist * Business Builder

     P.S. This system is working so well, Reed had to schedule 10 initial consultations in one day – on a SATURDAY!  I can promise you – this is like nothing you have ever seen.  Register now before all 500 slots fill up.  It’s FREE.

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